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MERSİN / TOROSLAR - Atatürk Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi

Introducing school

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Our vission ; As teachers of Atatürk Teknik ve Endüstri High School our aim is to educate individuals who

-use best of the existing technology and have opinions that can create new technologies

-is constantly evolving and reformist

-can head for higher education in his subject

-is attacted to his country´s culture and values

-have human values

-have form of the Kemalist Thought

-is democratic, laic and respect for human rights

-is enterprising and productive for industry needs


Our mission:

We are here to provide all our students´ education to improve their self- confidence and professional knowledge. skills that our sponsive to the evolving needs of the 21.st century.

According to the General Objectives and Basic Principals of National Education we give the common general knowledge at the econdry level.The purpose of this fact is to introduce them to individual and societal problems to search the solutions and to get awareness and power that contributing the country´s economic, social and cultural developments.

Vocational training is given to the students in accordance with their interests, desires and capabilities.We work to get knowledge and skills that being able to continue to higher education for our students.



Number of teachers :160

Number of students : 2072




Institude information :


Number of classrooms :47 Number of workshop :30

Number of science Labaratory :1 Number of computer class :1


Heating mode : air conditioning


Start and of the course time : 07:50-12:40-13:30-16:30


þ Auditorium

þ Fitness center

þ Refectory

þ questhouse

þ library



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